Configuring Umbraco 7 for MiniProfiler

This post is based on the following Umbraco setup.
  • Umbraco v7.2
  • Azure Sql Server – Web Edition

Why create this post.

During a previous v7.2 Umbraco project I tried several times and failed to configure Umbraco to use Mini Profiler. This seemed the simplest route to debugging some performance problems I was having with the site. However, there was no definitive guide out there on how to configure Mini Profiler that worked for me. So, to try and create that guide, and to save me searching across multiple blog posts and forums each time, I’ve created this,

What is Mini Profiler

Mini Profiler is a component from those clever bods over at Stack Exchange, and has been part of Umbraco since vx.xx When enabled, Mini Profiler provides diagnostics about your application in a

How to configure in Umbraco 7.

1. Add the following piece of Razor to the views you want to debug.
2. Add the following using statement to the top of all views
using StackExchange.Profilling

3. Ensure the debug attribute of the compilation element in the web.config in the root is set to true.

4. Open the page you want to debug in the a web browser and append ?umbDebug=true to the query string.

And that is it!